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Curb irrational behaviour

The strategy To avoid common mind traps when investing.

Taking charge and trusting your gut instinct are the keys

POKER is a game of wills, a psychological battle between the competitors, where you test your opponents' strengths and weaknesses as well as your own. For those who were watching the first episode of The Poker Star this week, you would have seen that demonstrated on screen. It is more


Sorry, Mr Turnbull, but we do hold you responsible

Infringements rise, but reins loosened on casino

CONTROLS over Star City casino will be eased following a proposed extension of the exclusivity of its licence.

A Tournament Where You Can Win Millions, No Sweat

AUSTRALIAN Open organisers raised the winner's prizemoney to $2million last week, which they said was because of a weaker Australian dollar, but could just as easily have been so that the other big show in town this month, the Aussie Millions poker tournament, didn't boast a greater first prize.